The Ammassalik Fjords of East Greenland are one of the great sea kayaking destinations. Steep mountains rise out of the sea to create an interconnecting system of sheltered channels stretching back from the open ocean to the vast Greenland icecap. Gigantic icebergs from this glacier slowly sail along the larger fjords to the sea. In the smaller fjords, pack ice and small bergs shift and move with the tide, creating a fascinating maze for paddlers to navigate. This will be one of the great expeditions for even the most-travelled adventurer.

Several tiny, picturesque out-port villages within the fjords provide an interesting insight into the local Greenlanders’ primitive way of life. Along the way we’ll pitch our tents at ancient Thule campsites – often the only level place to camp. Side hikes to spectacular alpine lookouts are a common evening activity, and we’ll make time for some longer half- and full-day hikes, as the group wishes.

The East Greenland trip is suitable for those with some previous sea kayaking and wilderness camping experience. Advanced skills are not required, but even the most- experienced paddlers will be moved by the otherworldly beauty and enjoyable paddling. The isolation, cold water and ice, and 12 days of wilderness camping make the trip unsuitable for the complete novice.

What is included:


  • 5:1 ratio


  • 12 nights of camping


  • excellent trail meals and snacks from Day 2 lunch to Day 14 lunch
  • dinners (Days 1 and 14) and breakfast (Days 2 and 15) in Kulusuk

Kayaking Equipment

  • sea kayaks with rudders, paddles, spray decks, etc.
  • PFDs (you may bring your own)

Camping Equipment

  • tents: free-standing, custom expedition dome tents – 2 per tent
  • “kitchen”: tarp, cooking stoves, utensils, dishes, etc.
  • dry bags and containers for food and group equipment

Safety Equipment

  • first aid, safety, kayak rescue, and repair kits
  • communications equipment (satellite phone)

Booking a Course

Skill Level: 2
Duration: 15 days

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