Join us to explore amazing wilderness, canoe on beautiful lakes and wilderness rivers and sea kayak along scenic shorelines. As a small group we will explore some stunning locations, camp wild along the shore and leave no trace of our passing. Coaching can be provided at any time throughout the trip if you wish to build on your existing paddling skills. Each expedition is assigned a "Skill Level" from 1 to 3 to assist you in identifying ones that are suited to your abilities. Detailed descriptions of the skill levels can be found here.

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a
necessity of the human spirit, and as
vital to our lives as water and good bread.“

Edward Abbey


We travel to the most outstanding destinations. We’ve chosen the very best places to go – destinations of global significance. Our variety and diversity ensure that you find the adventure that is right for you!

Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands

Sea kayaking in the land of the midnight sun amidst some of the most spectacular mountain & seascapes on the planet. The Norwegian Lofoten archiplego is just stunning with sheer cliffs, spectacular mountains, sandy beaches and 24 hour daylight.
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Mountain River

The Mountain River is probably one of the best wilderness canoeing rivers in Canada. Awesome alpine scenery bathed in constantly-changing colours, dramatic canyons, exciting Class 1 to 3 whitewater, and non-stop current – all in a pristine wilderness setting.
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Ammassalik Fjords

The Ammassalik Fjords of East Greenland are one of the great sea kayaking destinations. Steep mountains rise out of the sea to create an interconnecting system of sheltered channels stretching back from the open ocean to the vast Greenland icecap.
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