Whitewater paddling in an OC1 is an exciting experience. Open canoes designed for whitewater have been fitted with a foam saddle and airbags that fill all the empty space from the saddle to the ends of the canoe. It is not only possible to paddle in big whitewater but also roll the canoe. On all our OC1 whitewater courses you’ll start off on flat water so we can refine your basic techniques. We accurately pinpoint where your manoeuvres are breaking down and how you need to adjust your techniques and tactics for success in white water.

3 star training & assessment

This five-day course is a combined training and assessment. The week will be structured to meet the group’s needs, plenty of time will be spent developing the wide ranging skills required to efficiently paddle an OC1 in a white water environment. This environments will include grade 2 and easy grade 3 water.

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OC1 leader training

We have designed this five day programme to provide and exceed the training requirements for the White Water OC1 Leader award. The course will cover the paddling, leadership and safety skills necessary to prepare you for your White Water OC1 Leader assessment and you will receive a personalised action plan, designed to guide you towards a successful assessment.

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OC1 leader assessment

During the two day we will cover as many aspects of the White Water OC1 Leader syllabus as time and conditions allow. This will be done on moving water up to grade 2 with sections of grade 3. You will be assessed leading a group of fellow paddlers of about 3 Star standard. For a definitive list of all that you may be asked to do please go to the link below to both the White Water OC1 Leader syllabus and assessor notes.

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